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Full Name Gryffen A.
Country Canada
Main Master Mummy

Gryffical, often shortened to Gryff, is an ARMS player and graphic artist from Canada who is well known for his use of Master Mummy, Dr. Coyle, and Misango. He is also known for his logo work in the ARMS community, making the logo for numerous prominent tournament series including Mega League Monday and Champions of the Era. Gryff is regarded as one of the best players in Canada as well as North America, being among the few notable Master Mummy players.

Gryffical initially saw ARMS when it was first shown off on January 12th, 2017 during a Nintendo Switch Presentation. His interest was further peaked during the ARMS Direct on April 12th of that year, with Gryff securing a preorder of the game the same day. Later that year, Gryffical's competitive start began with Schkrimps' Mega League Monday series, the most prominent ARMS tournament series at the time to which he also made the logo for. Gryff first made the logo for Schkrimps' Ramen Bowl series however and later also made the logos for his Fight Club and 3VT events too. Within his first few tournaments, it was evident that Gryff had prowess in the game as he often made it out of the Group phase and into the Bracket phase of Mega League Mondays even securing his first victory with the fifth event in the series. He made use of Byte & Barq in Grand Finals of the event, despite solo-maining Master Mummy at the time, solely because a member of the stream chat wanted to see the fighter appear on stream and Gryff was content with fulfilling their wishes if he made it to Grands. It was evident that Gryffical enjoyed being a crowd pleaser and an underdog as he did surprisingly well for using the characters most considered to be the worst. However, once Dr. Coyle released in Version 5.0.0 on December 22, 2017, Gryffical began utilizing her instead of Master Mummy as he enjoyed her design and felt as if he could perform better competitively with a change in character. Around this time, after a Mega League Monday event, Jean Marc invited Gryffical to join the crew ARMS of the North which was made up of the top Canadian competitors at the time.

On January 25th, 2018, Gryffical joined the the Shrimp Squad (abbreviated as S.S.), a team under the command of Schkrimps, and has been a member of this team ever since then. Later, in March of 2018, he qualified for the ARMS US & Canada Online Open through Ranked Matches and managed to place 2nd to Resolve. This event showcased the top ARMS competition at the time, with some players even having a perfect Ranked win rate to qualify, so this placement stands as one of Gryff's premiere results. Later that year, during the Summer, Era began running Champions of the Era to which Gryffical created the iconic sword and stone logo for. He also did some logo work for the now inactive organization Flourish esSports, another one of Schkrimps' endeavor. Sometime in mid 2018, Gryff also picked up Misango as he noticed the notable lack of Misango players. On occasion, he has streamed ARMS or other games such as Kirby's Dream Course and Clubhouse Games. Gryff's art skills have proven useful for some of these streams, which have been advertised with somewhat unsettling, yet fascinating, promotional artwork.

Gryff later made the logo for Temple Tantrum in late 2019, the logo for Battle for Stardom in late Summer of 2020, as well as the logo for Roll the Dice in early 2021. In 2020, he managed to place 2nd in Quarantined Rapport, held in late March, which was one of the largest community ran events of the year. Gryff also entered numerous of the official Nintendo Open events, placing 4th in April and 7th in October. Alongside Para, Gryffical entered two tag team events, Best in the World II: Tag Team Championship Edition and Worst in the World: Tag Team Chumps Edition, in 2020 too and won both ironically under the team name 2nd Place (2nd (last) Place for the latter event). Throughout his ARMS career, Gryffical has remained a constant bracket threat with his knowledgeable style of play and clever character choice. Not only does his excellency show through his gameplay, but it is also evident in his creative and unique graphics and logos that he has made for some of ARMS' most prolific event series.


At the start of his ARMS career, Gryffical utilized Master Mummy with double Blorbs. Once he began to engage more competitively, this playstyle was notable lacking against deflect heavy characters such as Spring Man and Max Brass which were very common choices at the time. He often made use of the Whammer, Nade, and Popper as these ARMS worked well against the aforementioned fighters and those choices, especially the Whammer and Nade, persisted as his preferred options. The Whammer was his favorite of these choices as it wasn't often utilized at the time and he wanted to properly showcase its hidden potential. Gryff is also known for his use of the Skully, notably wielding two while playing as Dr. Coyle which many find to be a strong strategy. Other than those ARMS, he has made use of a wide variety of other ARMS as well. In terms of character, Gryff's use of Dr. Coyle managed to provide him with stronger game knowledge and strengthen his confidence not only with her, but also with Master Mummy. His use of Misango has also proven to be effective as he is one of the few players to get notable results while using him.


Tournament Date Location Placement Tournament Type
Mega League Monday 4 October 2, 2017 Online 9th Online
Mega League Monday 5 October 9, 2017 Online 1st Online
Mega League Monday 6 October 16, 2017 Online 9th Online
Mega League Monday 8 October 30, 2017 Online 5th Online
Fight Club 3.4 November 16, 2017 Online 3rd Online
Mega League Monday 11 November 20, 2017 Online 5th Online
Ramen Bowl 3 December 9, 2017 Online 9th Online
Mega League Monday 15 December 18, 2017 Online 5th Online
Mega League Monday 18 January 15, 2018 Online 1st Online
Mega League Monday 20 January 29, 2018 Online 5th Online
Mega League Monday 22 February 12, 2018 Online 3rd Online
Fight Club 6.4 February 22, 2018 Online 1st Online
Fight Club 7.4 March 29, 2018 Online 1st Online
ARMS US & Canada Online Open March 31, 2018 Online 2nd Online
Salty Sparring Suite 1 May 18, 2018 Online 3rd Online
Salty Sparring Suite 2 June 15, 2018 Online 1st Online
Mega League Monday 42 July 16, 2018 Online 3rd Online
Champions of the Era 4 July 22, 2018 Online 7th Online
Champions of the Era 11 September 9, 2018 Online 1st Online
Champions of the Era 12 September 16, 2018 Online 3rd Online
Champions of the Era 13 September 23, 2018 Online 5th Online
Champions of the Era 19 November 4, 2018 Online 3rd Online
Mega League Monday 63 February 4, 2019 Online 2nd Online
Scrapstar Series - ARMS NA 13 May 6, 2019 Online 1st Online
Scrapstar Series - ARMS NA 16 May 27, 2019 Online 3rd Online
Chance of Flurries 5 August 17, 2019 Red Deer, Canada 1st Local
Quarantined Rapport March 28, 2020 Online 2nd Online
ARMS North American Online Open (April 2020) April 4, 2020 Online 4th Online
Temple Tantrum 23 October 2, 2020 Online 1st Online
ARMS North American Open (October 2020) October 3-4, 2020 Online 7th Online
Default Derby 27 November 4, 2020 Online 1st Online
Temple Tantrum 34 February 5, 2021 Online 1st Online
King of Trios 2021 Night 1 - The Infinite Gauntlet June 18, 2021 Online 1st Online
The Moshpit 4 - North America August 20, 2021 Online 1st Online
Champions of the Era 99 September 19, 2021 Online 1st Online
CTRL-ALT-DELETE December 28, 2021 Online 1st Online
CTRL-ALT-DELETE #2 January 8, 2022 Online 2nd Online
Anniversary Armageddon Day 1 - The Appetizer June 16, 2022 Online 1st Online


  • On the side, Gryffical is a competitive curler who has competed in multiple bonspiels (curling tournaments), even getting his name on a few trophies and receiving payouts for his efforts.
  • Gryffical made the logo for Radio and PineappleFreak's podcast, Wholesome Transmissions.
  • Gryff's offline win rate is 100% as he has won the only two locals that he has attended.
  • For Best in the World II: Tag Team Championship Edition, Gryffical teamed with Para and created a wild goose chase initially utilizing their profile pictures. The hunt involved hopping around from profile pictures on Discord and Challonge, through descriptions, a video, and more with the search finally stopping at Gryffical's Twitter banner which granted any steadfast explorers with an image of a monkey consuming a papaya.

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