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Full Name Sammy
Country USA
Main Icon-Min Min.png Min Min

Era, formerly known as Era Wolf, is an ARMS player and tournament organizer from the United States. She is one of the most prominent online tournament organizers as well as one of the most prominent female community members. Era is most well known for running Champions of the Era, one of many event series that she hosts. On October 10th, 2021, soon after Champions of the Era 100, she announced her retirement from ARMS tournament organizing following a career of running over 250 events.

Era's ARMS journey began in March of 2018 when she first discovered the game. While her early support of the community's events and players was evident, she did not become widely recognized until July when she began running Champions of the Era. Despite this, a month prior to CotE's first event, she hosted an online tournament for those unable to attend Smash'N'Splash 4 which was actually her first stint as a TO (she also later ran similar events for Smash'N'Splash 5 and EVO 2018). With a stream provided by Cedge and occasional contributions from Hamma, Radio, Rashiko, and LiteraryFirearms, Champions of the Era became one of ARMS' most recognizable and successful tournament series. This success landed Era a spot with Milky Way eSports as a tournament organizer as well as being their captain for ARMS. Under their sponsorship, Era also ran an event series titled MWe Randoms which had players utilize a random character and a random selection of ARMS. This series was later renamed to RipTide Randoms after she left MWe and joined RipTide eSports. Her partnership with Milky Way eSports was somewhat short-lived as Era left the team in November 2018. Era then joined RipTide in December of 2018 as their captain for ARMS and the co-owner of the team alongside Radio.

In October of 2018, Era contacted the eSports organization 2GG in an attempt to help run a new ARMS biweekly series, Iron Fist Fridays. She was successful in partnering with the team for the event series, though there were complaints that the tournaments used the same stage list as Champions of the Era. Regardless, Era was later contacted by 2GG in early 2019 to help seed Heart of Battle. She also assisted in seeding 2GG: SwitchFest 2019 where she was offered to be flown out to the event to help TO, but unfortunately she was unable to attend the event in person.

Over the course of 2019, Era began to expand the amount, and variety, of the tournaments she hosted. In February, she began hosting Default Derby, a default ARM only event. Despite not reaching Champions of the Era level of popularity, Default Derby still managed to engage players with a format that hadn't been widely utilized for almost two years. She also ran the North American bracket for the FellowsTV Open Circuit 3. Later in the year, in August, Era began running Temple Tantrum, a series that utilized the "Backroom" set of stages. This series was created as a result of complaints with the Champions of the Era stages, as it did not use the Backroom's list. Throughout the year, Era also ran numerous smaller series and pop-up events, including one titled Midnight Madness. In late 2019, Era also joined the team Casual Crew as an ARMS player.

In 2020, Era expanded her events even further by creating Champions of the Erapean Union, a European region locked tournament series, and Outlaw Skirmish, an event utilizing a stage list consisting of typically banned competitive stages. During the early part of the year, Era also began helping out Casual ARMS with their events Casual Scramble and Casual Clash. She also considered retiring from TOing due to low entrance numbers in her events, but she continued to run events leading up to the ARMS related announcements featured in a Nintendo Direct Mini on March 26th. This reinvigorated many players which allowed an increase in numbers as well as new events. In late March, she assisted in running the ARMS tournament in Quarantined Rapport and proceeded to run a small series of events utilizing the same rule set as the upcoming official Nintendo event, the ARMS North American Online Open, to allow players to get practice with the unique rules. In April, she was recommended unanimously, by the tournament's casters, to help run the bracket for said event. Era, alongside a team from Battlefy, orchestrated the 880 player event with great success which gave her the ethos to possibly run other official events in the future. Era returned to help out with Quarantined Rapport 2 in June 2020. Sometime later that Summer, she also parted ways with Casual Crew which saw her depart as a tournament organizer for Casual ARMS events.

On July 27th, Nintendo announced the ARMS North American Open (August 2020) with Era, shortly thereafter, being asked to return to assist in running the bracket for the event. Similarly to the Open in April, she once again ran numerous practice events throughout the week prior to the tournament. On August 30th, Era placed 2nd in a unique tag team event titled Worst in the World: Tag Team Chumps Edition, with Grimwood as her partner. On September 26th, after being rescheduled from August 19th, Era took part in an ARMS first-to-ten against fellow tournament organizer Frosty in which she won 10-8. The event was preceded with back and forth banter between the two players on Twitter throughout numerous threads. Later that year in October, Era was once again brought in to assist with an official Nintendo event, the ARMS North American Open (October 2020). Unlike the previous Opens in the year, she did not run practice tournaments prior to the event due to timing issues as well as the ladder format not being optimal to utilize with a smaller amount of entrants. On October 18th, Era ran the bracket for the ARMS VTuber Open, a tournament created by and presented by Neru alongside AstroNinja and Mungus. Era's server was utilized for set communications for the event as well.

Due to college, work, and effort spent organizing numerous tournaments, she no longer had the time to co-own RipTide eSports so she formally parted ways with the team on January 14, 2021. Era assisted in running Quarantined Rapport 3 once more in February and one month later in late March she announced the return of RipTide Randoms, though now titled Roll the Dice under a complete rebrand.[1] The event series makes use of Serp's bot ARMSBot 2 which has commands for random ARMS and fighter selection. On May 13th, Era transferred ownership of Default Derby to Frosty and LOSER due to a similar need for time for college and work.[2] In September of 2021, Champions of the Era 100 was announced with a special logo and trailer themed after Jurassic Park.[3] Once this event came to a close, Era announced on stream that she was retiring from ARMS tournament organizing aside from large events or the case that ARMS 2 was announced.[4]

Despite controversies in stage lists and numerous breaks spanning weeks at a time, Era has managed to remain a prominent ARMS community member and tournament organizer with a lasting player base supporting her along the way. She has had a connection or partnership with almost every other online tournament organizer in the community and has helped run some of the largest online ARMS events in recent times. Overall, despite not having consistently high entrance numbers or placings, Era has remained a positive force within the community since her introduction in 2018.


Era primarily uses Min Min with a loadout consisting of the Toaster, Hydra, and Phoenix. She also uses Boomerang, Retorcher, Revolver, and Tribolt on occasion as well, switching out ARMS from the aforementioned loadout for them. Era also plays Twintelle as a secondary, using a variety of ARMS including the Hydra, Chilla, Boomerang, Tribolt, and Chakram. Alongside her main fighters, she also plays Lola Pop, and Ninjara who is often accompanied by the Scorpio. In March 2020, Era enacted a personal challenge to never use double Glove ARMS again, still allowing one of them to be in use alongside any other type of ARM.


Tournament Date Location Placement Tournament Type
TCM Color Crash May 11, 2018 Online 9th Online
Mega League Monday 38 June 18, 2018 Online 9th Online
Champions of the Era 8 August 19, 2018 Online 5th Online
Champions of the Era 9 August 26, 2018 Online 9th Online
Mega League Monday 60 January 7, 2019 Online 9th Online
Champions of the Era 25 January 13, 2019 Online 17th Online
Default Derby February 9, 2019 Online 7th Online
Thor: Ragnarokjaw April 17, 2019 Online 2nd Online
Block Painther April 19, 2019 Online 3rd Online
Scrapstar Series - ARMS NA 14 May 13, 2019 Online 3rd Online
The Biweekly Procrastination 29 May 19, 2019 Online 3rd Online
Scrapstar Series - ARMS NA 15 May 20, 2019 Online 4th Online
INITIALIZE_CODE August 17, 2019 Online 7th Online
Temple Tantrum 2 September 15, 2019 Online 4th Online
The Biweekly Procrastination 34 September 26, 2019 Online 2nd Online
Casual Clash 18 October 12, 2019 Online 3rd Online
Outlaw Skirmish May 8, 2020 Online 3rd Online
The Biweekly Procrastination 50 July 14, 2020 Online 5th Online
Battle for Stardom (The Airess) August 9, 2020 Online 5th Online
Champions of the Era 65 August 16, 2020 Online 5th Online
Champions of the Era 67 August 30, 2020 Online 4th Online
Champions of the Era 68 September 6, 2020 Online 3rd Online
The Biweekly Procrastination 54 September 6, 2020 Online 5th Online
The Biweekly Procrastination 61 December 13, 2020 Online 3rd Online
Temple Tantrum 38 April 16, 2021 Online 3rd Online
Roll the Dice 3 April 23, 2021 Online 2nd Online
Default Derby 53 July 7, 2021 Online 3rd Online
The Biweekly Procrastination 78 September 5, 2021 Online 3rd Online


  • The name of Era's Discord server, Network Era, is a play on the phrase "Network Error".
  • Despite many ARMS players living in her home state of Florida, Era has never attended an offline ARMS tournament.
  • "Stuff your face with Zebra Cakes" is a phrase Era commonly uses to end her streams. This goodbye, combined with other mentions of the snack cakes, have made many people associate her with the confection.
  • Era has a black belt in Taekwondo and has also done kickboxing.
  • Era has assisted in running the brackets for the two largest ARMS tournaments ever, the ARMS North American Online Open (April 2020) and the ARMS North American Open (August 2020). Both of these events were online.
  • Due to her continued support of The Biweekly Procrastination and Ohio ARMS, Era holds a special role in the Ohio ARMS community: Honorary Ohioan. She shares this distinction with only two other players, those players being Kookiez and MrPiedPiper.
  • In November of 2020, Era took part in "Nade November" which required her to have a Nade equipped in every game of ARMS she played within the month. Era also donned the nickname 'Nera' to reflect Neru's tag, a player who was taking on "No Nade November". The month concluded with the two facing off in a first-to-ten, with Era coming out on top 10-8.

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