ARMS North American Open (August 2020)

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ARMS North American Open
Dates 2020-08-08
Participants 767
Location Online
Prize Pool Super Smash Bros. Ultimate + Fighters Pass Vol. 2, Splatoon 2 & 7500 My Nintendo Gold Points (equivalent to $75 USD)
Winner AstroNinja0
Website Battlefy

The ARMS North American Open August 2020 was an official online ARMS tournament held from August 8th, 2020 to August 9th, 2020 by Nintendo of America. The bracket was organized by a team of Battlefy staff alongside the help of Era (a prominent online TO for the ARMS scene). The event was first revealed on July 27th, 2020 as part of the NintendoVS summer series of events. First place received download codes for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Splatoon 2 and the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol. 2 while second, third and fourth place received 2500 My Nintendo Gold Points (equivalent to $25 USD). Unlike the ARMS North American Online Open (April 2020), Nintendo of America hosted an official stream for this event on their Youtube, Twitch and Twitter accounts featuring CONEY, EE and Jordan Kent on commentary. Mileve and HanukkahJamboree also provided unofficial streams for pools. The tournament received 767 players, making it the 2nd biggest event in ARMS history behind the ARMS North American Online Open (April 2020) which featured 880 players. The tournament ended with AstroNinja0 finishing in 1st place, Para finishing in 2nd place and Asqew finishing in 3rd place.


Full results

Placement Player Fighter(s) used
1st AstroNinja0 Icon-Dr. Coyle.png
2nd Para Icon-Kid Cobra.png Icon-Ninjara.png Icon-Spring Man.png
3rd Asqew Icon-Min Min.png
4th SlosherWailord Icon-Lola Pop.png Icon-Master Mummy.png
5th HedgieMcHogerson* Icon-Dr. Coyle.png
5th atom_brain Icon-Twintelle.png
5th Twinedfive0 Icon-Lola Pop.png
5th Gillyboat4 Icon-Lola Pop.png
9th Steelhead Icon-Max Brass.png
9th MrPiedPiper Icon-Ninjara.png
9th LAB Icon-Springtron.png
9th Neru Icon-Mechanica.png Icon-Min Min.png
9th moon♪beat Icon-Twintelle.png
9th Tuturoopa Icon-Byte & Barq.png
9th Serp Icon-Max Brass.png
9th Jean Marc Icon-Kid Cobra.png
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