Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

North American box art.
Developer(s) Bandai Namco

Sora Ltd.

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release date


Genre Fighting, Party

Everyone 10+
Twelve years and up
All ages
Parental guidance

Media Cartridge
Digital download
Download size 14 GB

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a crossover Nintendo fighting game directed by Masahiro Sakurai and released on December 7th, 2018 internationally to critical acclaim. It is the fifth installment in the Super Smash Bros. series (sixth if both the Wii U and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros. 4 are counted separately).

ARMS-related content

Min Min was revealed as a downloadable fighter in a Sakurai Presents presentation on 2020-06-22. She was released on 2020-06-29, being the first fighter from ARMS to become playable in the Super Smash Bros. series. She is classified as fighter #76.

  • Spring Stadium was added to the game as a downloadable stage alongside Min Min. The stage features several platforms that can be jumped upon for additional height and a display that cycles through every ARMS fighter.
  • Spring Man appears as a computer-controlled ally known as an Assist Trophy. He punches opponents using Toasters and uses Rush after hitting an opponent.
  • Mii Fighters can wear costumes and hats based on Spring Man, Ribbon Girl and Ninjara complete with their signature Toaster, Sparky and Chakram ARMS, respectively. The Ninjara costume was later added in the game as a DLC Mii Fighter Costume alongside the release of Min Min.
  • 18 ARMS music tracks were added to the game as DLC, including new remixes of "ARMS Grand Prix Official Theme Song" and "Ramen Bowl" by the game's original composer, Atsuko Asahi. Min Min also has a victory fanfare after winning a battle that is an abridged cover of the ARMS theme song, notably incorporating vocals from the version performed by Ribbon Girl. The victory fanfare also incoperates the original victory jingle from the game at the end.
  • Fighters from ARMS appear as some of many collectible, stat-boosting Spirits. The 12 spirits include Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Min Min (one base game spirit and one fighter spirit), Twintelle, Ninjara, Master Mummy, Mechanica, Byte & Barq, Kid Cobra, Helix and Max Brass.



  • Each of the Spirit battles are references to characters and elements in ARMS:
  • Spring Man's Spirit Battle has a Mii Brawler wearing a costume based on him on the Boxing Ring stage, possibly as reference to Spring Stadium.
  • Ribbon Girl's Spirit Battle has a Mii Brawler wearing a costume based on her on Spring Stadium. The Brawler has additional jumps as reference to one of her abilities.
  • Min Min's Spirit is represented by Corrin donning an orange alternate costume. She often uses Dragon Fang Shot, an attack that involves turning her arm into a dragon much like Min Min's ability to turn her ARM into a dragon when charged. The stage is set in New Pork City, possibly because it resembles a China-themed setting. The music that plays is Dragon Driftway from Mario Kart 8, a track with a China-themed aesthetic as well as a game that was also produced by Kosuke Yabuki and also had music composed by Atsuko Asahi.
  • Ninjara's Spirit is represented by Greninja (Mii Brawler, if the Ninjara costume is purchased), who is a ninja Fighter. The fighter starts with the Boomerang item, which bears resemblance to his default ARMS, the Chakram. The stage is set in Suzaku Castle, possible due to it and Ninja College's aesthetic of a Japanese-themed setting.
  • Twintelle's Spirit is represented by Bayonetta, who tends to use Smash attacks. Both Bayonetta and Twintelle use their hair in battle and can both slow down attacks. Bayonetta also starts the fight with a Drill which bares resemblance to Twintelle's default ARMS, the Parasol. The stage is set in New Donk City Hall, which bears resemblance to Cinema Deux.
  • Master Mummy's Spirit is represented by Donkey Kong who is a heavy weight fighter. Donkey Kong is giant and has super armor, preventing him from flincing. The stage is set in Dracula's Castle as they’re both monster themed places set at night time.
  • Mechanica's Spirit is represented by Wendy, another young girl who fights in a machine. She has super armor, similarly to how Mechanica's robot mech also has super armor when attacked. She is also giant, which may be because Mechanica is the tallest ARMS character when inside her mech.
  • Kid Cobra's Spirit is represented by Min Min, donning an alternate costume that looks similar to Kid Cobra's color scheme. She has increased move speed when at high damage, which may be because of Kid Cobra having the quickest dash in the game when charged. She also starts the battle with a Drill, possibly due to Kid Cobra's default ARMS, Hydra. The stage is set in Fourside, possibly due to it and Snake Park's similar aesthetic of a city at night. The Bumpers that appear on stage reference the Clapback, one of his most recommended ARMS.
  • Byte & Barq's Spirit is represented by Mega Man and Duck Hunt. They are both in their Metal Forms. The main objective is to defeat Mega Man as reference to Byte being the Main Fighter. Mega Man also uses Rush Coil referencing Byte’s ability to use Barq as a trampoline.
  • Helix's Spirit is represented by Dark Samus donning a green alternate costume who is a fighter with greater dodging abilities. Helix and Dark Samus are both genetically-engineered beings. The stage is set in Frigate Orpheon, due to it and DNA Lab both having test tubes. In addition, the Pokémon Ditto appears as a possible reference to both Helix and Ditto being sentient slimy lifeforms. Dark Samus also changes sizes referencing Helix’s ability to stretch his entire body.
  • Max Brass's Spirit is represented by King K. Rool donning a yellow alternate costume, who is another heavyweight fighter that has super armor. He becomes giant and has increased attack power when his HP is low, similarly to how Max Brass becomes larger and more powerful when charged or when at low health. The stage is set in Norfair, possibly due to it and Sky Arena both having columns of fire.
  • In an interview with Nintendo Dream, series director Masahiro Sakurai confirms that because the base roster was completed prior to the announcement of ARMS in January 2017, a playable fighter from ARMS wasn't able to make it into the base roster of Ultimate.[1] However, a then-unannounced character from ARMS was later announced as a downloadable fighter for the second Fighter’s Pass in a Nintendo Direct mini on 2020-03-26 and formally revealed as Min Min on 2020-06-22.
  • According to series director Masahiro Sakurai, Min Min was selected as the ARMS representative just because Kosuke Yabuki requested her. However, even before his request, both Min Min and Ninjara were in consideration for the spot.
  • Min Min was the only Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter to be represented as both a playable character and as an equippable Spirit until Pyra and Mythra were added as playable fighters.
    • She is also the first fighter to have their series announced for inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before the character itself.
  • Min Min's Classic Mode route; called "ARMS at the Ready!", makes references to the ARMS characters.
    • Round 1: Min Min fights against two Mii Brawlers dressed as Spring Man and Ribbon Girl on Spring Stadium (Omega Form), with the stage's theme playing.
    • Round 2: A fight against Little Mac on the Boxing Ring stage with the Sparring Ring theme playing. Reference to Springtron.
    • Round 3: A fight against Samus and Mega Man in their green alternate costume on the Frigate Orpheon stage with DNA Lab theme playing. Samus references Dr. Coyle while Mega Man references Helix
    • Round 4: A fight against a giant Donkey Kong in his white alternate costume on the Kongo Jungle stage with Mausoleum theme playing. Reference to Master Mummy
    • Round 5: A fight against a horde of R.O.Bs on the Spring Stadium stage (Battlefield Form) with the Scrapyard theme playing. The horde fight itself is a reference to the 1-on-100 mode. The Yellow R.O.Bs are a reference to Mechanica while the Dark Blue R.O.B that appears last is a reference to Byte & Barq.
    • Round 6: Min Min fights against herself on the Spring Stadium stage with the Ramen Bowl theme playing.
    • Final Round: A fight against Galleom with the ARMS Grand Prix Final Battle theme playing. Reference Hedlok. It could also most likely to reference Hedlok taking control of Max Brass during the Grand Prix mode due to the build being vaguely similar.
  • In Min Min's reveal trailer, she is initially shown with regular, human arms, rather than spring-like ARMS. This is based on information released by Nintendo of Europe on Twitter, confirming that ARMS revert to normal once the fighter removes their mask.[2]
  • Ribbon Girl and Ninjara are the only Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that were formerly only obtainable through summoning, but are now obtainable through Min Min's DLC Spirits board.
    • Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Spring Man and Twintelle are also the only Spirits that were already present in the base game, but were later added to a DLC Spirits board post-launch.
  • Ayumi Fujimura; the voice actress of Mechanica, provides the voice of Sheik, Princess Zelda & Mii Fighters (Voice 4) in this game.
  • In addition to all of her three alternate palette swaps from the original game, Min Min has four new ones exclusively for this game:
    • Her fifth color resembles Kid Cobra's Right color
    • Her sixth color is based on her Dragon Arm and Twintelle's Left color
    • Her seventh color is based on Ribbon Girl's Down color
    • Her eight color is based on the Phoenix ARM and Byte & Barq's Left color
  • While they only appeared on the jumbotron screen in Spring Stadium, the characters who were added to ARMS post-launch (Lola Pop, Misango, Springtron, and Dr. Coyle) do not appear as spirits. Max Brass however; who was a post-launch character in ARMS but only appeared as a final Grand Prix opponent prior to his inclusion, also has a Spirit.
  • Min Min's reveal trailer is notable for being the first time in two decades that Captain Falcon's voice actor, Ryō Horikawa provides new voice clips, though they're simply sounds of him slurping noodles rather than spoken dialogue.
  • Min Min appears in the CGI portion of Kazuya Mishima's reveal trailer as one of the five defeated fighters that Kazuya throws in a volcano.
    • Min Min also appears in Sora's reveal trailer, appearing among the crowd of fighters who were turned into trophies until later regained sentients after Sora appears. She could also be seen at the end of the final shot where Mario and Sora shake hands.

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