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A dash is a form of ground movement in ARMS. It is faster than regular walking.

Basic Dashes

Ground Dash

Ground dashing is the fastest form of ground movement given to all characters in ARMS. It is performed by pressing the dash button and moving in any direction. Dash buttons by default are Y.svg / Leftbutton.svg for Dual-stick Grips/Sideways Joycon respectively, or the L.svg Button for Thumbs-up Grip.

While dashing on the ground, characters can punch, jump, and grab. Blocking cannot be done while dashing. Also, the player cannot change the trajectory of the dash once they choose the direction.

If the dash button is held and the character has not punched, jumped, or grabbed, after the dash is done, the character will lunge a bit further, then enter a charging animation to charge up both ARMS. During the charge animation, the character will stand still and can only punch, jump, or grab until either the charging animation finishes or the dash button is released.

Dash speeds vary from character to character, but the ground dash time is the same for all characters, 25 frames.

Air Dash

Air dashing is done by dashing while in the air. During the air dash, characters can punch and grab. Like ground dashing, the player cannot change the character's trajectory once it starts. It is possible to air dash again if the character stays in the air for a long enough time, however, this window is so large that it can only be done if the character jumps from a bouncy surface or from higher ground. Because of this, a regular jump on even terrain will permit only one air dash to be used before hitting the ground.

Air dashing will cause the character to lose all downward momentum for the dash's duration, essentially stalling their descent to the ground.

Just like ground dashing, if the dash button is held while air dashing and the character lands, they will enter their charging animation where they will only be able to punch, jump, or grab until either the charging animation ends, or the dash button is released.

Character Specific Dashes

Ribbon Girl

When Ribbon Girl dashes in the air, she drops to the ground quickly; this is the fastest air dash in the game.


When Ninjara dashes in the air, he teleports in the direction of the dash; this allows him to avoid airborne ARMS.

Min Min

Min Min is able to kick by dashing backwards on the ground or in any direction in the air; if any ARMS connect with the kick, they fall to the ground.


When Twintelle dashes in the air, she can hold the dash button to charge mid-air; once she reaches full charge, the aura she emits also slows down incoming ARMS

Kid Cobra

When Kid Cobra is fully charged, he can duck under incoming ARMS by dashing in the direction of it.


When Helix dashes on the ground, he shrinks to the height of a small puddle and remains that size until dash is released; however, this lowers his movement speed.

Lola Pop

If Lola Pop dashes in the air and she isn't moving in any direction, she'll guard and puff up, dropping quickly to the ground before bouncing back up.

Dash Distance

Dash Distance (by distance)
Characters Amount
Ninjara 119%
Dr. Coyle 111%
Lola Pop, Misango 103%
Spring Man, Min Min, Twintelle, Springtron 100%
Ribbon Girl, Byte & Barq 97%
Max Brass 94%
Master Mummy, Mechanica, Kid Cobra 86%
Helix 56%
Charge Dash Distance (by distance)
Characters Amount
Dr. Coyle 133%
Ninjara, Mechanica 118%
Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Min Min, Twintelle, Lola Pop, Misango, Springtron 100%
Byte & Barq 95%
Max Brass 91%
Master Mummy 83%
Kid Cobra 80%
Helix 77%
Techniques in ARMS
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Advanced Techniques