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Blocking is the main defensive technique in ARMS. It will reduce the damage dealt by a single ARM to 5, but will not stop grabs. While blocking, a circular "shield" will appear in front of the fighter, featuring the fighter's own emblem in the center. The color of this shield indicates how close the block is to breaking: it appears blue when at full "health", and cycles through green, yellow, orange, and finally red as it approaches failure.

When an attack connects with a blocking fighter, both of the blocking fighter's ARMS take a small amount of damage. If one or both of a fighter's ARMS become temporarily disabled, the fighter cannot block at all until regaining use of the disabled ARM(S). Due to this, the "health" of a fighter's block is directly tied to the damage level of the fighter's most damaged ARM. For example, if one of the fighter's ARMS is completely undamaged, but the other ARM is heavily damaged, the fighter's block will be very close to breaking as well.

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