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A jump is a type of movement in ARMS. It, appropriately enough, involves jumping and is the traditional way to gain verticality in the game.

Basic Jump

Full Jump

Jumping is the traditional way to gain verticality in ARMS, and is done by pressing the jump button plus the intended direction. Jump buttons by default are the X.svg / Upbutton.svg for Dual-stick Grips/Sideways Joycon respectively, or the R.svg Button for Thumbs-up Grip.

Full jumping is done when the jump button is pressed normally. This takes the character up to the highest level of jumping capability. During a jump, a character is able to air dash, punch, or grab. Also, the player cannot change the trajectory of the jump once they choose the direction. They can use an air dash to change air trajectory however. All characters' full jumps reach the same height, but horizontal air speed varies from character to character.

If the jump button is held and the character has not punched, air dashed, or grabbed, when landing, the character will enter a charging animation to charge up both ARMS. During the charge animation, the character will stand still and can only punch, jump, or grab until either the charging animation finishes or the jump button is released.

Short Hop

Short hopping is a technique done by lightly tapping the jump button. The character will not go as high as a regular jump but will still be able to air dash, punch, and grab. Because of the nature of the inputting of short hop, it is impossible to go into a charge up animation after landing.

Dash Jump

It is possible to use momentum from a ground dash right before jumping. This is the Dash Jump, and it is done by quickly pressing the dash button and jump button in quick succession.

Character Specific Jumps

Ribbon Girl

Unlike all other characters, Ribbon Girl can jump multiple times before reaching the ground, up to 3 times. She can do this while also punching to hover in place.


If the jump button is held, Mechanica will hover in the air for a couple of seconds. During the hover, her ARMS will charge up and she will continue her jump trajectory and speed. It's possible to end the hover prematurely by letting go of the jump button.


In order to jump normally, Helix must enter "Tower Mode" by holding the button, then letting go. Jump trajectory can be influenced by stretching in a direction in Tower Mode before letting go of the button.

In addition to this, Helix will go into "Puddle Mode" when landing from a jump for a split second. Because of how Helix's jump is initiated, it is not possible to stay in Puddle Form after a normal jump and can only be done by air dashing before landing.

Lola Pop

If Lola is blocking and jumps, her jump will be much higher than a normal full jump. There is a slight delay before being able to air dash, punch, or grab. She cannot do a short hop from this.


If Misango has the blue mask on and is in the middle of charging up from a ground dash or air dash, holding the dash and jump buttons simultaneously will cause Misango's next jump to have highly increased speed.

Dr. Coyle

Dr. Coyle does not have a true jump; as she levitates instead of walking normally, the jump button will instead cause her to levitate higher for a short time. She is considered to be grounded at all times, regardless of her actual altitude, so ARMS like the Funchuk will not change their properties in midair as they would with other fighters. This also means she can dash and guard normally in the air.

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