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Master Mummy successfully grabbing Spring Man.

A grab is a special move that can be performed by punching with both ARMS at once (Zl.svg and Zr.svg or A.svg and B.svg at the same time when using traditional controls). While they do more damage than ordinary attacks, they also leave their user more vulnerable.

When a fighter grabs, both of their ARMS are locked together by a wide, green beam, which heads towards the targeted opponent. If this beam connects with their target, they will be brought together—note that if the grab connected while the grab user was on the ground, they will pull their target towards them, and if it connected while they were in the air, they will pull themselves towards their target. After connecting, the grab user will throw their opponent, dealing 150 to 200 damage, depending on the fighter used. After being thrown, a fighter will recover, similar to being knocked down by an ordinary punch. Grabs are significantly more powerful than standard attacks—in fact, the most powerful charged ARM in the game, the Kablammer, is equal in damage to the weakest throws—but they also leave a fighter open to attack, as both their ARMS are used.

Grabs cannot be blocked by shielding, but they can be deflected if their target hits of the grab user's ARMS with one of their own. In a battle with more than two fighters, a fighter can also interrupt a throw by attacking the person who is grabbing; however, some fighters leap into the air as part of their throwing animation, which can make them harder to interrupt.

Throw damage by fighter (by character)
Spring Man 150 HP
Ribbon Girl 150 HP
Ninjara 150 HP
Master Mummy 200 HP
Min Min 150 HP
Mechanica 160 HP
Twintelle 160 HP
Byte & Barq 150 HP
Kid Cobra 170 HP
Helix 150 HP
Max Brass 170 HP
Lola Pop 150 HP
Hedlok (in certain modes) 200 HP
Throw damage by fighter (by damage)
Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Min Min, Byte & Barq, Helix, and Lola Pop 150 HP
Mechanica and Twintelle 160 HP
Kid Cobra and Max Brass 170 HP
Master Mummy and Hedlok (in certain modes) 200 HP

If a fighter has a Plus ARM of heavyweight class equipped (Such as the Megaton, but excluding Blorb), their grab will do 5 more damage.