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Dates 2017-07-08
Participants 50
Location Santa Ana, California
Prize Pool $1,000
Winner Sol
Website smash.gg

2GGC: ARMS Saga was a tournament held on July 8th, 2017, featuring ARMS among Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

The event was confirmed on June 8th, 2017, when 2GGaming's Twitter account posted a tweet stating that they would hold the tournament as their 'July Saga,' provided the tweet got one thousand retweets within a day. The tweet reached the goal in less than an hour, and ARMS Saga was announced as promised.

True to its name, the tournament was dedicated to ARMS, and featured a side ARMS tournament in addition to the regular Super Smash Bros. for Wii U brackets. This marked the first 2GG Saga ever to be dedicated to anything outside the Super Smash Bros. series. It was also dedicated to Little Mac, a boxing character in Smash Wii U, to bring together the theme of both ARMS and Smash. The tournament featured several of the best Little Mac players from around the world, including Sol and Destany, as well as other Smash Wii U top players like Abadango, Ranai, and Larry Lurr.

Zerk, the champion of the ARMS Open Invitational, was flown into the event after enough money was raised. He played Twintelle at the event, but was only able to beat one player in bracket, Phoenix. He was eliminated at 17th out of 50 entrants and never played on stream, but his early losses allowed him to commentate all of the Wave B Pool, as he is a fighting game commentator as well as an ARMS player.

Sol won the tournament using only Spring Man with mostly double Toasters. The character variety impressed many spectators, with every character at the time except Master Mummy having stream time, and the Top 8 players using seven characters throughout the tournament. Although they were legal, no one on stream was shown using motion controls. Only default ARMS were available, due to the Switches being provided, the difficulty of obtaining all ARMS, and the unproved viability of all ARMS being available at the time.


Full results

Placement Player Fighter(s) used
1st Sol Icon-Spring Man.png
2nd NCJacobT Icon-Byte & Barq.png Icon-Ribbon Girl.png
3rd Bustah Icon-Byte & Barq.png Icon-Twintelle.png
4th MissingNoL Icon-Kid Cobra.png
5th DKL Icon-Twintelle.png Icon-Mechanica.png Icon-Ribbon Girl.png
Rice Icon-Kid Cobra.png
7th Abadango Icon-Twintelle.png
M4kos Icon-Min Min.png Icon-Spring Man.png
9th Keplar Icon-random.png
TheTaiwanNinja Icon-Kid Cobra.png Icon-Helix.png
AEMehr Icon-Min Min.png
Xzax Icon-Kid Cobra.png
13th Joeybeta Icon-Ribbon Girl.png
The Big O Icon-random.png
Rock Icon-Twintelle.png
ZartZu Icon-Twintelle.png


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