ARMS Open Invitational

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ARMS Open Invitational
Dates 2017-06-14
Participants 8
Location Los Angeles
United States
Prize Pool 2017 ARMS Championship Belt
Winner Zerk
Website (archive)

The ARMS Open Invitational was a tournament hosted by Nintendo at their E3 booth in June 2017. Four of the competitors in the tournament were Alex "CaliPower" Valle, Kelsy "SuperGirlKels" Medeiros, Daniel “Tafokints” Lee, and Marie-Laure “Kayane” Norindr, and the rest were four qualifying E3 attendees who visited the Nintendo booth between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. PT on 2017-06-14.

At the conclusion of the event, Zerk was challenged to play against ARMS producer Kosuke Yabuki in an exhibition match. Mr. Yabuki won over Zerk 2-0.


Placement Player Fighter(s) used
1st Zerk Icon-Twintelle-red.png
2nd SkywardWing Icon-Ribbon Girl-black.png
3rd GamingWithMe Icon-Min Min.png
SuperGirlKels Icon-Ninjara-magenta.png
5th Kayane Icon-Mechanica.png Icon-Ribbon Girl-orange.png
Alex Valle Icon-Helix.png Icon-Twintelle.png
Tafokints Icon-Master Mummy.png
SpringGuy Icon-Spring Man.png Icon-Ninjara.png

Exhibition Match[edit]

Placement Player Fighter(s) used
Winner Mr. Yabuki Icon-Min Min.png Icon-Twintelle.png
Loser Zerk Icon-Master Mummy-black.png Icon-Spring Man.png

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