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This is a list of quotes used by Helix. Most quotes are spoken with strange noises. Helix also doesn't say any actual words.

Selection Quotes

  • "Ahah!"
  • "P'oh!"
  • "Ohoho!"

Battle Quotes


"Oh-oh OH!"

Being Grabbed

  • "OOH!"


  • (Bubbling noise)

Rush Attack

  • Oh-oh (high-pitched screaming)
  • (Heavy breathing) "EE!"

Round Win

  • "Ooh?"
  • "Hmm?"
  • (Bubbling noises)

Round Lose/Tie

  • (Sad mumbling)

Victory Quotes


  • "Oh ho ho ho ho...! Aaaah..."
  • "AAH HA ha ha (coughing noises)!"

Looking at the Camera

  • "Hoh hoh hoh- ooh?"
  • "P'oh!"

New ARM(s) Quote

  • (Bubbling noises)

Reaction to Dr. Coyle

  • (Worried coos)

Champion Quotes

  • "OH! Oooooh"

Credits Quotes

  • (singing the main theme)