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Just basic information on me until I own the game (sobs because I'm broke):

Also, I'm apparently a patroller on this wiki. So that's cool.

New character concepts

El Encantador
The Bullfighter
Affiliation Rodeo del ARMS
Hobbies Nothing anymore...
Height 185 cm
Weight 75 kg
Age 23
Size Statbar-3.png
ARM Girth Statbar-2.png
Speed Statbar-4.png
Jumping Statbar-1.png
Charm Statbar-5.png
Rage Statbar-5.png
  • El Encantador
    • Bullfighter cliché with ARMS made of red cloth
    • Wears(?) bull horns on his head with a traditional bullfighting outfit, a black mask, and is constantly smiling (it sparkles)
    • Abilities:
      • When dashing, performs a headbutt which knocks enemies backward
      • If an opponent lands the first hit of the match, El Encantador starts glowing red to show rage and his punches become stronger
    • ARMS:
      • Bonker: Glove-type with no attribute
      • Blob Dragon: Beam-type with blind attribute
      • Icer: Hammer-type with ice attribute
    • Stage:
      • Rodeo: Circular stage about the size of Ramen Bowl but flat. A mechanical bull is in the center and can be jumped on. If it gets punched, it will start bucking for a few seconds, damaging anyone on top of it and knocking back anyone who touches it
    • El Encantador's family has always lived in poverty, so he became a bullfighter to achieve fame and fortune but was nearly killed shortly after attaining it. He now participates in ARMS to seek the same thrill and pay off without (as much) risk.
Granny Edith
The Knitting Nana
Affiliation The Knitting Emporium
Hobbies Knitting, watching game shows
Height 147 cm
Weight 54 kg
Age 82
Size Statbar-1.png
ARM Girth Statbar-1.png
Speed Statbar-4.png
Jumping Statbar-3.png
Sprightliness Statbar-5.png
Grandmotherness Statbar-VeryHigh.png
  • Granny Edith
    • Tiny old lady with ARMS made of yarn
    • Bun in her hair with knitting needles tucked in, gaudy clothes from the 80s, red sunglasses on top of a white mask, and a long, knitted scarf
    • Abilities:
      • Her smallness makes her harder to hit
      • After performing an air dodge, Granny Edith lands by rolling, covering more distance quickly but leaving her open to being attacked
    • ARMS:
      • Polly: Parakeet-themed Phoenix clone with stun attribute
      • Purse: Purse-themed medium-weight Hammer-type with stun attribute
      • Flareasol: Parasol clone with fire attribute
    • Stage:
      • Tea Room: Relatively small, square-shaped stage with a table and two chairs in the middle. The chairs can be punched to send them flying and use them as projectiles. Tea cups and other dishes on the table can also be punched and used as projectiles, but do minimal damage and are destroyed in the process.
    • Edith is everyone’s grandmother. She didn’t have kids of her own, so she gladly dotes on anyone she meets who’s willing to listen to a little old lady. But when she’s not sitting at home knitting a sweater or watching her favorite game show, she’s training to keep herself sprightly. And her latest endeavor? The ARMS tournament, of course!
Mr. Crack
The Powerful Plumber
Affiliation Cracked Plumbing
Hobbies Plumbing, eating mushrooms
Height 188 cm
Weight 122 kg
Age 41
Size Statbar-4.png
ARM Girth Statbar-4.png
Speed Statbar-1-4.png
1 by default
Jumping Statbar-1-4.png
4 by default
Plumbing Statbar-5.png
Wearing a Belt Statbar-0.png
  • Mr. Crack
    • Full name "Mister Plum R. Crack"... yeah... weirdly Mario-like plumber with ARMS made out of pipes
    • Wears a dull red shirt with smudges, ripped blue jeans, a red baseball cap facing backward, and a blue mask; big, ungroomed handlebar mustache
    • Abilities:
      • Charging a punch drops his pants slightly or pulls them up; while dropped (default state) his speed is low and his jumps are high; while pulled up, his jumps are low and his speed is high
      • His pipe ARMS leak while guarding, leaving a puddle of water for a brief time; if an opponent hits it, their momentum will not stop until they leave its area of effect
    • ARMS:
      • Fixer: Hammer-type with electric attribute
      • Plunger: Unique light-weight ARM that latches onto opponent and pulls them back as it retracts, no attribute
      • Declogger: Whip-type with blind attribute
    • Stage:
      • The Men's Room: Large, square room, although the right side is taken up by bathroom stalls which leave a more rectangular space to navigate. If a bathroom stall is punched, it will begin spraying water, leaving a puddle similar to Mr. Crack's guard ability.
    • Mr. Crack is one of a long line of plumbers and the owner of a plumbing company. He was the first of the Cracks to be born with ARMS, which he used to unclog those hard-to-reach spaces, though he now is participating in the ARMS League to get more customers. His favorite food is mushrooms and he has a weird obsession with jumping. If only he'd wear a belt...
Mummy Dearest
The Mysterious Mistress
Affiliation The Mausoleum
Hobbies Spending time with her long-lost husband
Height 179 cm
Weight 61 kg
Age A lady never tells...
Size Statbar-1.png
ARM Girth Statbar-1.png
Speed Statbar-5.png
Jumping Statbar-5.png
Mysteriousness Statbar-5.png
Punch Taking Statbar-1.png
  • Mummy Dearest
    • Master Mummy's wife from his ending picture with ARMS made of mummy wrap
    • Same appearance as in Master Mummy's ending picture
    • Abilities:
      • Master Mummy's ability to heal
      • Twintelle's ability to charge up in midair and slow down opponents
    • ARMS:
      • Flying Penguin: Penguin-themed Phoenix clone with ice attribute
      • Megabomb: Megaton clone with explosion attribute
      • Glareasol: Evil face-themed Parasol clone with stun attribute
    • Stage:
      • Shares Mausoleum with Master Mummy.
    • Master Mummy's long-lost wife was also granted the ARMS gene. Now reunited with her husband, she has decided to enter the ARMS tournament so that she can spend more time with her one true love. Her smaller build compared to Master Mummy allows her to maneuver around the battlefield much more easily.

Kitty McDonald
The Wonderful Werekitty
Affiliation What's a 'ffiliation?
Hobbies I like kitties. And candy!
Height 105 cm
250 cm (werekitty form)
Weight 19 kg
175 kg (werekitty form)
Age This many! 🖐
Size Statbar-1.png
Statbar-5.png (werekitty form)
ARM Girth Statbar-1.png
Statbar-5.png (werekitty form)
Speed Statbar-3.png
Statbar-5.png (werekitty form)
Jumping Statbar-3.png
Statbar-5.png (werekitty form)
Cuteness Statbar-VeryHigh.png
Statbar-3.png (werekitty form)
Ferociousness Statbar-1.png
Statbar-VeryHigh.png (werekitty form)
  • Kitty McDonald
    • An adorable five-year-old girl with ARMS made of candy... until she transforms into a "werekitty": a monstrous, terrifying, cat-like beast with arms made of fur
    • Wears a bow resembling cat ears, a pink dress with a brown fur jacket over it, and a pink ribbon as a mask; in werekitty form, she is covered head-to-toe in brown fur matching her jacket and her bow is replaced by actual ears, though her ribbon-mask and some shreds of her dress are still visible
    • Abilities:
      • In child form, she is the smallest character in the game, making her hard to hit but leaving her fairly weak; however, she will heal while guarding
      • Once her health drops to below 50%, she can transform into her werekitty form; she is now the largest character in the game, making her an easy target, but all of her stats are much higher, so she can move quickly and jump higher while landing powerful hits; unfortunately, she takes constant damage in this form
      • Double-tapping the dash button switches between forms
    • ARMS:
      • Snapper: Popper clone with Stun attribute
      • Lollipopper: Lollipop-themed Triblast clone with Electric attribute
      • Candy Dragon: Candy-themed Beam-type with Wind attribute
    • Stage:
      • Kitty's Room: An ordinary five-year-old's bedroom at first glance: some dolls in the floor, a tea set, a pink bed... However, as the battle progresses, a darker story becomes evident. The sunlight outside fades to night over the course of two minutes and as it does, the room fades to its true state: the dolls' heads are ripped off, the bed and walls shredded, the tea set shattered, and the door is barred. A picture of Kitty with what appears to be her parents hanging on the wall becomes a picture of her werekitty form towering over the extremely frightened couple. As two more minutes pass, the friendly facade returns.
      • In terms of the actual stage, it is a medium-sized square-shaped area. The bed can be jumped on for a springy boost while the table can be climbed on as a platform or hidden behind as a shield.
    • Kitty is one of the lucky few to be born with the ARMS gene. Despite her age, she is a talented fighter due to life-long training... and her dark secret, the ability to transform into a werekitty, drastically improving her abilities but putting a constant strain on her small body. Although this monster appears ferocious, she is still an adorable five-year-old at heart. If only people would realize this...
Dr. C
The Creator
Size Statbar-5.png
ARM Girth Statbar-5.png
Speed Statbar-5.png
Statbar-1.png (dizzy)
Jumping Statbar-5.png
Statbar-1.png (dizzy)
Defense Statbar-5.png
Dizziness Statbar-5.png
  • Dr. C
    • A mysterious ex-scientist from ARMS Laboratories wearing a Hedlok-like body suit that gives him mechanical ARMS
    • Wears swirly glasses resembling spiraled irises in addition to the body suit, which is much larger than his body appears to be and completely covers it, though the collar of a lab coat sticks out around his neck; he has thin, gray hair and his mouth is always slightly agape as if he's unconscious
    • Abilities:
      • All of his stats are remarkably high; however, if he is hit by two punches in a row or thrown, he will become briefly "dizzy", dropping all of his stats
    • ARMS:
      • Lazor: Beam-type resembling a stereotypical laser gun with Electric attribute
      • Trackie: Homie clone with Wind attribute
      • Ka-Boomerang: Boomerang clone with Explosion attribute
    • Stage:
      • Experiment Lab 66X: A lab in the same complex as the DNA Lab and looking equally run-down. The back of the Hedlok-like device seen in the distance in the DNA Lab can be seen up close with various other similar devices, including some that appear to attach to the head like Hedlok itself, are scattered throughout. The walls appear to be damaged, including a mysterious hole that probably coincidentally is shaped like Dr. C inside of his body suit, with a Hedlok-shaped hole right next to it. Four small pillars are placed on the main battlefield, which is otherwise flat; attacking them causes them to light up. If all four are lit up, gravity will reverse, flipping fighters to the ceiling, which has several holes in it and elevated portions as well as four more pillars, which can be punched to flip gravity back to normal.
    • The retired head scientist of ARMS Laboratories. He went missing a few years ago but seems to be back now and absolutely nothing seems wrong with him! Though he is completely uninterested in returning to his job, preferring to take on fighters in the ring. That blank look on his face is nothing to worry about and I assure you that his eyes are scanning the battlefield behind those glasses which aren't hiding anything at all. The face on the suit, which he invented, is just for show. And when he gets punched too much, he gets dizzy! Just a sign of old age... nothing else. Certainly, nothing involving his technology which supposedly "tends to go rogue". That's complete nonsense.