The Moshpit 3

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The Moshpit 3
Dates 2021-02-20
Participants 30
Location Online
Prize Pool $790.61 (€650)
Winner Raffa
Website Challonge

The Moshpit 3 (subtitled A Blast from the Past) was an online ARMS tournament held on February 20th, 2021 and was ran by Ripha with Layla and MarC as casters. The tournament was initially announced on January 31st alongside an announcement trailer detailing the event[1]. As is apparent from the its subtitle, many veteran top players came back to participate in the event including Yätta, RICHMISTER, Raayo, Mitsaras, Chyro, Frank, Penzo, Defur, Benson, G1ven, Gleeface, and Carbo who were all highlighted in the reveal trailer. The event resulted with Raffa taking first place, Jr placing second, and Iceman92 taking third.

Results[edit | edit source]

Full results

Placement Player Fighter(s) used
1st Raffa Icon-Kid Cobra.png Icon-Twintelle.png
2nd Jr Icon-Kid Cobra.png Icon-Twintelle.png
3rd Iceman92 Icon-Min Min.png Icon-Springtron.png Icon-Ribbon Girl.png
4th Grimwood Icon-Max Brass.png Icon-Kid Cobra.png Icon-Dr. Coyle.png
5th Replicant Icon-Lola Pop.png Icon-Min Min.png
5th Méli Icon-Dr. Coyle.png
7th Raziel Icon-Twintelle.png Icon-Kid Cobra.png
7th JkItsMe Icon-Misango.png Icon-Dr. Coyle.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • €200 of the prize pool was donated by KHU.
  • This is the third Moshpit event that Raffa won in a row, currently making him the only player to win in the tournament series.

External Links[edit | edit source]

The Moshpit 3 Stream VOD

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