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Country Germany
Main Icon-Min Min.png Min Min

Phallace is a German ARMS player and former Dashboard #1 ranked player who mains Min Min. Famous for exerting intense wake-up pressure, he exclusively used double Ramram in major tournaments, before leaving his original TCM team to join the breakaway BreakThrough eSports (BTe) team, and picking up Spring Man as a co-main. While he has not competed regularly in quite some time since the BTe team disbanded, he does return to play ranked infrequently in Europe, largely still with Min Min, but predominantly with a Toaster/Chilla double-glove setup over his previously favoured Ramram.

Results[edit | edit source]

Tournament Date Location Placement Tournament Type
The Right to Bear ARMS July 22nd, 2017 Online 4th Online
Reach for the Sky July 29th, 2017 Online 1st Online
Up in ARMS 2 August 5th, 2017 Online 4th Online
2GGP: ARMS Circuit 1 August 6th - 7th, 2017 Online 17th Online
Neopunch: Don't Get Hit November 25th - 27th, 2017 Online 9th Online
G7 ARMS Online January 13th, 2018 Online 13th Online

Social Media[edit | edit source]

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