Party Crash Bash

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The Party Crash Bash bracket.

The Party Crash Bash was a series of in-game Party Crashes arranged in a single elimination bracket. Each playable fighter faced off against an other fighter with the winner of each Party Crash moving further through the bracket. Within the event, there were a total of 14 Party Crashes, spanning nearly seven months. In the final round, Min Min and Ninjara met, with Min Min coming out on top, becoming the Party Crash Bash Champion.

List of Party Crashes within the Party Crash Bash

Theme Featured Fighters Dates Winner
Food Fight Min Min and Lola Pop 11/23/18 - 11/26/18 Min Min
Double Vision Spring Man and Springtron 12/07/18 - 12/10/18 Springtron
Royal Jelly Helix and Max Brass 12/21/18 - 12/24/18 Max Brass
Bodyguard Recruiting Twintelle and Byte & Barq 01/04/19 - 01/07/19 Twintelle
Clash of the Cool Guys Ninjara and Kid Cobra 01/18/19 - 01/21/19 Ninjara
Song and Dance Battle Ribbon Girl and Misango 02/01/19 - 02/04/19 Ribbon Girl
Heavyweight Clash Mechanica and Master Mummy 02/15/19 - 02/18/19 Mechanica
Eating Machines Min Min and Springtron 03/01/19 - 03/04/19 Min Min
A-List Athletes Max Brass and Twintelle 03/15/19 - 03/18/19 Twintelle
Clash of the Quick Ninjara and Ribbon Girl 03/29/19 - 04/01/19 Ninjara
Brainy Battlers Mechanica and Dr. Coyle 04/12/19 - 04/15/19 Mechanica
Fight over Fans Min Min and Twintelle 05/03/19 - 05/06/19 Min Min
Martial Artistry Ninjara and Mechanica 05/24/19 - 05/27/19 Ninjara
Martial Arts Mash-Up Min Min and Ninjara 06/14/19 - 06/17/19 Min Min


  • The Party Crash Bash ended one day after ARMS' two year anniversary.