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This is a page of various terms used within the game and its community, referring to various game mechanics, abilities, and techniques.

Game-Specific Terms[edit]

  • ARMS - The name of the very game in question, as well as the various gloves each fighter can be equipped with.
  • ARM Weight - There are three levels of weight: Light, medium, and heavy. When two ARMS hit each other while extending, the lighter one gets knocked down. Both are knocked down if they have the same weight.
  • ARM Attribute/Element - An additional effect to an ARM's punch that is activated while a fighter has charge. Some ARMS have no specific attribute, and their properties while charged are totally unique.
  • Insta-Counter - A counter move performed by pressing the dash button immediately after an attack hits a guarding player. This allows the player to very quickly move forwards or backwards, and has a small duration of invincibility.
  • Rush Farming - Repeatedly punching or charging without engaging the enemy, in order to build rush meter.
  • Rush Juggle Using a rush attack to keep the opponent in the air and vulnerable to continued attacks for an extended period of time.
  • Dash Hop - Jumping during a dash, using the momentum of the dash to increase distance.
  • Tap Dash - A partial dash where the button is released early, causing the fighter to gain no charge and travel less distance but exiting out of the dash sooner and causing their ARMS to lag behind less.
  • Yabuki Combo
  • ARM Cancel
  • Extension
  • Retraction
  • Charge - A resource gained after holding the dash button, landing after a jump, or guarding for short period of time. Charge depletes over time, and grants the player's ARMS a boost in performance and damage, as well as activating their specific attribute or element.
  • Constant Charge - When a fighter's ARMS are being continuously charged by one of their abilities, typically a self-buff or special stance.
  • Perma-Charge - A state in which a fighter's ARMS are charged for the rest of the round.
  • Heavyweight - Any character with this property is capable of resisting flinching from any attack without an automatic knockdown. This does not apply to rush attacks.

Character-Specific Terms[edit]

  • Shockwave/Deflect
  • Warp
  • Actress Aura/Starstruck
  • Tower Mode
  • Puddle
  • Big Bang - Springtron's signature move, a huge blast that comes out after fully charging. This disables all extending ARMS within its radius, and grants Springtron a ten second buff of constant charge and increased movement speed and distance. This ability takes a full second to activate and afterwards Springtron is left completely vulnerable for half a second.

General Terms[edit]

  • Hitbox - A technical term for an area of collision for any attack that causes damage to a fighter who touches it.
  • Hurtbox - An area of collision attached to the fighter that causes them to take damage and enter hitstun when touching a hitbox.
  • Frame - A unit of time based on the internal clock a game runs by. As an animation plays, it changes a frame at a time.
  • Active Frame The point of time during an animation in which a hitbox is capable of interacting with other areas of collision.
  • Recovery Frame - A period of time after a hitbox is no longer active in which the player must wait for the move's animation to finish before using it again.
  • Punish
  • Guard/Block - A defensive state that heavily reduces damage and prevents hitstun from attacks, in exchange for being unable to perform any action.
  • Parry
  • Grab - An attack with special properties that bypasses a block and allows the user to force their opponent into a new position.
  • Knockdown - Certain attacks cause fighter to become knocked to the floor, interrupting all action but also making them temporarily incapable of taking damage.
  • Wakeup - After getting knocked down, a fighter must eventually stand back up and return to neutral. The player can decide to roll to change their position and avoid attacks as they get back up.
  • Okiseme/Oki - An action performed when a character is getting up from a knockdown state, designed to pressure them and/or restrict their options.
  • Meaty
  • Unblockable
  • Guard Break
  • Anti-Air
  • Trade
  • Clash - When two active hitboxes collide, canceling each other out.
  • Hitstun
  • Invincibility Frames/I-Frames
  • Armor/Super Armor
  • Turtling
  • Neutral
  • Mixup
  • Pressure
  • Rushdown
  • Zoning
  • Whiff
  • Chip Damage
  • Juggle
  • Poke
  • Magic Pixel
  • Buffer
  • Tech - Advanced Techniques found by players that grants a character or ARM addition tools in battle.