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ARM Getter is a single player mode and stage used to acquire and upgrade ARMS.

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ARM Getter can be selected by choosing "Get ARMS" on the main menu. It requires Token.svg to play, which are earned by playing other game modes and collecting badges. The more Token.svg the player spends, the longer they will be able to play.

The mode operates similarly to Skillshot, with targets appearing in random positions for the player to destroy. However, whenever a new wave of targets appears, there is also a chance that an Item Drone carrying a box will appear behind the third row of targets, flying from one side of the range to the other. Hitting this drone will cause it to drop the box, awarding the player with one randomly selected ARM for the fighter whose emblem is shown in the lower-right corner of the box. Note that the first box that appears will always contain an ARM for the fighter the player is currently using, unless all ARMS have already been unlocked for that fighter. Clocks may also appear on a rarer basis, and, when hit, they will add an additional 5 seconds to the timer (10 seconds when playing with a long timer).

Getting a higher score by smashing more targets will increase the chances of boxes appearing.[1] As a result, players are encouraged to curve their ARMS well to obtain the largest combo of targets possible.

When the game ends, the player is shown all the ARMS they unlocked and offered the opportunity to change which ARMS are assigned to each Fighter, similar to the Set ARMS mode. If the player unlocks an ARM they already own, that ARM will be upgraded to a "Plus ARM" (Indicated by a blue + sign beside its name), an upgraded version that does 10 more damage than its standard counterpart, as well as another bonus depending on its weight class. Plus ARMS can be used in any mode, even in Ranked Matches. Once a player has earned the plus variant of a certain ARM, that ARM will no longer appear in the ARM Getter.

Once the player has unlocked every ARM (along with their Plus variants) for each of the fighters, ARM Getter will remain available to play, though Item Drones carrying boxes will no longer appear.

Pricing and Time Available[edit]

Short Timer Token.svg30[2] 25 seconds
Medium Timer Token.svg100[2] 50 seconds
Long Timer Token.svg200[2] 90 seconds


  • The player does not get to select their ARMS in the ARM Getter itself; they will always be required to use two Toasters.
  • The player cannot grab in the ARM Getter, presumably because there are no enemy fighters to grab.
  • Barq will not appear in the ARM Getter when playing as Byte.
  • Misango can still use his spirit powers in the ARM Getter. However, given the lack of enemy fighters, the yellow spirit that he can fuse with becomes useless, whilst the blue and red spirits act as normal. These temporary buffs may provide players with an advantage during the mode.
  • Hitting the drone that lifts the packages will result in the same hitting the box itself.
  • Kid Cobra can use his charged up dashes for quicker mobility in this mode.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese アームゲッター
Āmu Gettā
ARM Getter
 Chinese (Traditional) ARM收集
ARM Sāujaahp
ARM Collect
 Chinese (Simplified) ARM收集
ARM Shōují
ARM Collect
 Dutch ARMS-plaza ARMS plaza
 French L'arsenal ARMS The ARMS arsenal
 German ARMS-Depot ARMS Depot
 Italian Palio delle armi Gunshot wreck
 Russian Тир ARMS
ARMS shooting range
 Spanish Nuevos puños New fists


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