G7 ARMS Online

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G7 ARMS Online
Dates 2018-01-13
Participants 118
Location Online
Prize Pool $1,000
Winner GoreMagala
Website Smash.gg

G7 ARMS Online was an online major ARMS tournament held on January 13th, 2018 by G7. It was the largest online ARMS tournament of 2018 and featured a $1,000 prize pool. The tournament was won by GoreMagala with JMCANADA finishing in 2nd place and Steelhead finishing in 3rd place.


Full results

Placement Player Fighter(s) used
1st GoreMagala Icon-Helix.png
2nd JMCANADA Icon-Kid Cobra.png
3rd Steelhead Icon-Max Brass.png
4th Kholdstare Icon-Kid Cobra.png
5th Redingard Icon-Max Brass.png
5th Serperiorfan Icon-Max Brass.png
7th nobi Icon-Twintelle.png
7th Ripha Icon-Ninjara.png
9th Twinedfive0 Icon-Lola Pop.png
9th AM Icon-Ribbon Girl.png
9th Mileve Icon-Mechanica.png
9th FrankTank Icon-Spring Man.png
13th SaturnBarz Icon-Master Mummy.png
13th Maxou Icon-Ribbon Girl.png
13th Poppy JR. Icon-Lola Pop.png
13th Phallace Icon-Min Min.png

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