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Full Name Dennis Bagstevold
Country Sweden
Main Icon-Spring Man.png Spring Man

Defur is an ARMS player, tournament organizer, streamer, and caster from Sweden who mains Spring Man. He is the founder of the former team, "Fellows in ARMS" (commonly abbreviated as FiA) and is the owner of FellowsTV. Defur is also responsible for the documentary, The Fellows In ARMS.

Defur initially gained interest in ARMS upon its initial announcement on January 12th, 2017 during a Nintendo Switch Presentation. Once he saw the game, he knew that he wanted to invest in supporting a competitive scene for it. Defur initially was interested in playing Helix, but later decided on playing Spring Man due to his ability to adapt very well in most situations.

In an attempt to gather players interested in playing competitively, Defur started a podcast known as "The ARMS Podcast", which was hosted by Akiosjo. The podcast's goal was to be a base for people to take arguments and further discussion within the community. This podcast evolved into "Fellows in ARMS" which featured FormalCat, M30W, and Akiosjo alongside Defur. The podcast also evolved to shine more light upon notable people within the community later on. The crew decided that they wanted to further their comradely spirit, so they created an ARMS team of the same name, Fellows in ARMS (abbreviated as FiA), which was to represent numerous parts of the community as well as create high quality ARMS content. To represent one of the most active local ARMS scenes in the world, Defur recruited HanukkahJamboree for his tournament organizing work in Saint Louis, Missouri. With this team, FiA had a caster and European representative in Defur, an Asian representative in M30W, a content creator and North American representative in Akiosjo, an assistant to all operations in FormalCat, as well as Hanukkah being the St. Louis representative. Soon after this team was banded together, PineappleFreak was brought in as a representative of Ohio, another fairly active local scene in the US. The final member to be recruited for Fellows in ARMS was Nobi, a Canadian representative who had ties with the Chinese ARMS scene as well. There were ideas of having a Japanese player on the team as well, but plans fell through due to the team already focusing on other things.

After the 10th and final Fellows in ARMS podcast, The ARMS Community Awards 2017, FiA moved toward supporting the scene by organizing events as well as casting events. Around this time, Defur also had one of the first interactions between the Western and Eastern ARMS scene when he interviewed Japanese Ninjara main, KHU.[1] Defur and the team were responsible for many major ARMS events in the early days of the scene including Neopunch: Don't Get Hit, G7 ARMS Online, Up in ARMS 2, and many regional crew battles as well. Defur also ran numerous events for Europe and Asia under FiA including the Scandinavian ARMS Open and the ARMS Asia & Oceania Championship. Nearing mid-2018, Defur and FiA were among the most recognizable community figures in the entire ARMS community, having intertwined within nearly every facet of the community's competitive scene. At Smash'N'Splash 4, which ended on June 3, 2018, the team decided to end on a high note and disband. At this event, Defur acted as a caster as well as a player in both the Customs and Defaults brackets. FiA as a team also performed very well, with Pineapple and Nobi both placing in the Top 8 for Customs and Nobi also securing a Top 8 spot in Defaults. After they disbanded, Defur later created a documentary, "The Fellows in ARMS" to showcase the team and their experiences with each other and the scene.

On July 25, 2018, Defur created FellowsTV, a continuation project for Fellows in ARMS that focused more on organizing and hosting events instead of being a more team-based organization.[2] While continuing to support ARMS, the project also included Lethal League Blaze and later included Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokken Tournament DX, and Mario Tennis Aces too. Under FellowsTV, Defur ran and casted the FellowsTV Open Circuit, FellowsTV Open Circuit 2, and FellowsTV Open Circuit 3 as well as the European ARMS Open #2 all in late 2018 or early 2019. The final event ran under FellowsTV was a Lethal League Blaze event, titled "Jawbreakers", which was commissioned by the creators of the game. The tournament served as a qualifier where the winners would be flown out to an offline event held in France.

Throughout Defur's ARMS career, he has also attended many other major offline events, including EVO Japan 2018, EVO Japan 2020, as well as Insomnia63 where he placed 2nd to Grimwood. With these events in consideration, alongside Smash'N'Splash 4, Defur is one of the few players, if not the only player, to have attended a major ARMS tournament in Europe, North America, and Japan. In 2020, Defur also streamed pool sets for the ARMS NA Online Open in April which is one of his most recent ARMS related endeavors. He currently works as a Content Manager at the Esports company G-Loot which works with games such as VALORANT, Apex Legends, and PUBG which has impacted his ability to run ARMS events. Despite his recent inactivity, Defur remains a well-known and well-respected member of the ARMS community that always has unique, quality content to provide whether it's a new event or a community stream.


Defur's playstyle is a passive one and revolves around adaptability of the opponent with one set of ARMS used in different combinations on Spring Man. The ARMS used are Roaster, Thunderbird and Tribolt with his most used ARM being the Thunderbird. Another set he uses is double Coolerang which focuses on the mindgame of grabbing or extending freezes on the opponent.


Tournament Date Location Placement Tournament Type
Up in ARMS 1 July 8, 2017 Online 9th Online
Reach for the Sky July 29, 2017 Online 9th Online
Up in ARMS: Saturday Showdown 3 August 26, 2017 Online 9th Online
Up in ARMS 3 September 9, 2017 Online 17th Online
Ramen Bowl 3 December 9, 2017 Online 17th Online
EVO Japan 2018 January 26-28 2018 Tokyo, Japan 97th Major
Scandinavian ARMS Open #1 April 8, 2018 Online 2nd Online
Scandinavian ARMS Open #2 April 22, 2018 Online 2nd Online
Mega League Monday 33 April 30, 2018 Online 5th Online
Smash'N'Splash 4 (Customs) June 1-3, 2018 Wisconsin Dells, WI 33rd Major
Smash'N'Splash 4 (Defaults) June 1-3, 2018 Wisconsin Dells, WI 17th Major
Insomnia63 August 24, 2018 Birmingham, England 2nd Offline
Default Derby 4 March 23, 2019 Online 3rd Online
SAVE_ARMS 2020: Week 1 February 20, 2020 Online 9th Online
Polaris Punchout April 18, 2020 Online 49th Online
EVO Japan 2020 January 25, 2020 Tokyo, Japan 17th Offline


  • Defur has a semi-professional history of playing Team Fortress 2.
  • Prior to attending Smash'N'Splash 4, Defur colored his hair pink to match Spring Man's alternate color with pink hair, the alt that he uses most.
  • At EVO 2018, Kosuke Yabuki informed Defur that he knew of him and had watched his streams.
  • After seeing another Swedish player on the ARMS Dashboard named Yätta, Defur searched for the player online in an attempt to get them connected to the competitive community. He eventually found Yätta on Reddit and got him to join competitive tournaments. After his introduction, Yätta went on an undefeated streak in competitive events for numerous months.
  • Fellows in ARMS managed to raise $1760 to fund PineappleFreak and M30W's travel expenses for Smash'N'Splash 4 which was one of the most extreme successful funding goals made for said event in terms of ARMS.
  • In the Summer of 2018, Defur took part in a first-to-ten match against the Japanese caster Ohiyo-shi, which was organized by HEI for his GO10 Series.[3] He was the only non Japanese player to be featured in the series and he, alongside the other competitors, received artwork for their battles.

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Gameplay Videos

ARMS - Insomnia63 Final: Defur vs. Grimwood (Nintendo Switch)
FiA ※ Defur vs Makzu (Winners Quarters - Scandinavian ARMS Open #1)
FiA ※ Defur vs Yätta (Winners Semis - Scandinavian ARMS Open #1)
FiA ※ Defur vs VilleViljar (Winners Finals - Scandinavian ARMS Open #1)
FiA ※ Defur vs Yätta (Grand Finals - Scandinavian ARMS Open #1)