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Full Name Jamie B.
Country USA
Main Icon-Min Min.png Min Min

Cat, formerly known as FormalCat, is an ARMS player from the United States who plays Min Min. They were formerly considered to be one of the top Min Min players in North America and is a former member of the eSports team "Fellows in ARMS".

Cat discovered ARMS upon its initial announcement on January 12th, 2017 during a Nintendo Switch Presentation. After seeing the game, they instantly knew that they would have a desire to play ARMS at a competitive level. Near the ARMS' release, Cat took part in the Fellows in ARMS podcast series, organized by Defur and hosted by Akiosjo, alongside M30W. The podcast later evolved to become a team of the same name with all aforementioned community members being recruited for the team. M30W and Cat were also invited to join Team Chroma on August 9th of that year, to which they both accepted. However, both M30W and Cat resigned from Team Chroma on September 2, 2017. Cat showcased their Min Min prowess by taking 1st in numerous large online events in ARMS' first Summer including WiFi Never Sleeps 9 and Up in ARMS: Saturday Night Showdown #2. Their interactions with PineappleFreak around this time introduced Pineapple to the Fellows in ARMS team which he soon joined as well. In December of 2017, Cat placed 4th at Smash Out Hunger 2017, one of the first offline ARMS majors in North America.

In early 2018, Cat continued to display their proficiency in ARMS by landing in the top placings of numerous Mega League Monday events; the community's most prominent online event series at the time. On June 1st, Smash'N'Splash 4 began, which resulted in being one of the most prolific of all offline ARMS majors as well as the leaving point for the Fellows in ARMS. Each member of the team managed to attend the event, with Cat not being an exception. At the end of the event, they placed 17th in Customs and 13th in Defaults, which was the team's second highest placement in Defaults with Pineapple's 9th place finish being their highest. Later that year, on October 15th, Cat was featured in a documentary about the team titled The Fellows in ARMS. On December 15th, they once again attended Smash Out, this time placing 7th.

Cat's tournament endeavors throughout 2019 were few and far between compared to previous years although they did still occasionally interact within community circles around this time. They did begin to enter more events in early to mid-2020 although their results were not as prominent as they were in years prior. Despite this, Cat has continued to remain one of the ARMS community's most well respected members as their friendly attitude and presence has always persisted.


In the early days of ARMS, Cat was known for being a formidable user of Min Min's Default ARMS. Since then, they have still kept Ramram within their loadout in most circumstances. Cat also utilizes a variety of light ARMS and glove ARMS.


Tournament Date Location Placement Tournament Type
Up in ARMS 1 July 8, 2017 Online 3rd Online
The Right to Bear ARMS July 22, 2017 Online 3rd Online
WiFi Never Sleeps 9 July 28, 2017 Online 1st Online
Up in ARMS: Saturday Night Showdown #2 July 29, 2017 Online 1st Online
Up in ARMS 2 August 5, 2017 Online 7th Online
Ohio ARMS Online Biweekly #5 October 22, 2017 Online 1st Online
Team Chroma: Raise Your ARMS! III October 28, 2017 Online 2nd Online
Smash Out Hunger 2017 December 2, 2017 St. Louis, MO 4th Major
Ramen Bowl 3 December 9, 2017 Online 9th Online
Mega League Monday 28 March 26, 2018 Online 17th Online
Mega League Monday 29 April 2, 2018 Online 5th Online
TCM Color Crash 2 May 25, 2018 Online 3rd Online
Smash'N'Splash 4 (Customs) June 1-3, 2018 Wisconsin Dells, WI 17th Major
Smash'N'Splash 4 (Defaults) June 1-3, 2018 Wisconsin Dells, WI 13th Major
Mega League Monday 41 July 9, 2018 Online 5th Online
Mega League Monday 47 August 20, 2018 Online 3rd Online
Smash Out 2018 December 15, 2018 St. Louis, MO 7th Major
Default Derby 16 July 1, 2020 Online 9th Online


  • Cat's former tag, FormalCat, had been their online persona since the 4th grade but was shortened to Cat after many began to drop the "Formal" when addressing them anyways.

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Gameplay Videos

Smash Out 2018 - Winner's Top 8 Qualifier - FormalCat vs Dastardly
Smash Out 2018 - Pools Match - FormalCat vs MWe | N Man
Smash Out 2018 - Loser's Top 8 Qualifier - FormalCat vs TameDame
Smash n Splash 4 ARMS: TCM | Dendy (Master Mummy) vs. FiA | FormalCat (Min Min) Custom Pools