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The title of this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is [NAME REDACTED].

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Home stage of Dr. Coyle
"Dr. Coyle's top-secret research facility at ARMS Laboratories. The conveyor belt that winds through the room—the one transporting all those unsettling test tubes—was installed to intentionally disturb visitors. Beyond the central fighting area, the doctor's many scientific awards and pet projects line the walls."
Official Description

[NAME REDACTED] is a stage in ARMS. It was released in Version 5.0.0 on December 22nd, 2017.


The inner workings of ARMS Laboratories, an assembly line of surveillance technology and their in progress inventions including a prototype Hedlok. Pipes and wires litter the environment with spectators watching from the clutter.


[NAME REDACTED] is a relatively elongated stage. Its four corners are extended slightly outwards on the stage's short side and are elevated, being accessible with a staircase. Up to one player or team will spawn in each corner, with opposite right corners being a priority.

The stage has a central conveyor belt, extending across the long side of the stage, which is also elevated to the level of the corners; it has no ramp to be walked onto from the lower portions of the stage. The conveyor belt pushes any fighters standing on it towards one end of the stage. However, players can walk or dash against the conveyor belt, or in Dr. Coyle's case, float over it. The belt also carries solid tubes along it, which will block all normal and charged attacks, but can be destroyed using Rush attacks or opponents being thrown into them by a grab.

Related Badges

Main article: Achievements
Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
You destroyed a tube in [NAME
REDACTED]! Let's hope whatever
was in there isn't toxic.
Token.svg30 Badge-Unknown.png Destroy a tube by using a rush or by throwing your opponent into it in [NAME REDACTED].



  • The tubes seen along the conveyor belt are similar in appearance to those in the DNA Lab.
  • Evidence suggests that the real name of this stage is ARMS Laboratories. The title "[NAME REDACTED]" may be due to the lab being in a top-secret location.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese コンフィデンシャル [1]
 Chinese (Traditional) 機密要室
Gēimaht Yiusāt
Confidential Room
 Chinese (Simplified) 机密要室
Jīmì Yàoshì
Confidential Room
 Dutch Geheim lab Secret lab
 French Laboratoire secret Secret laboratory
 Russian Запретная зона
Zapretnaya zona
Restricted zone
 Spanish Laboratorio secreto Secret laboratory


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