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ARMS Institute covers select elements of the competitive scene surrounding ARMS. However, as it would be unrealistic to have articles for every tournament or competitive player, notability criteria determines which elements receive coverage in the form of a page and which do not.


  • Tournament and player articles should be in the mainspace. However, if a naming conflict with an existing non-competitive article exists (Player) or (Tournament) should be appended to the end of the competitive article as appropriate.
  • The criteria below determine what competitive subjects can be considered notable. However, subjects can still be considered notable if they've gained significance though other means, particularly if they've received significant coverage in the media. In these cases, notability of the subject should be discussed and decided by editors.
  • A page cannot be deleted for lack of notability if, at one point, it met the criteria for notability at the time.


Major tournaments[edit]

  • Tournaments must have significant historical value or have had participation of 32 players or more in order to warrant individual articles and to be considered a major tournament.
  • Major tournaments should have some level of recognition amongst the national or international competitive scene.

Tournament series[edit]

Smaller tournament series may receive a collective article if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • The series has been long-running (six months or longer)
  • The series has at least one player considered notable based solely on major tournaments
  • The series has consistently had attendance of sixteen players or more recently (in the past three months or five events, whichever is longer)

A given tournament part of a series may still receive its own page if it meets the criteria for a major tournament.


Players must meet one or both of the following criteria in order to receive a page:

  • Must have placed in the top 10% (rounded down) of multiple major tournaments covered by the wiki
  • Helped to organize at least one tournament series or two major tournaments covered by the wiki