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In the days and weeks preceding a major release of content, such as ARMS itself or an update to the game, rumors tend to circulate regarding the details of content, many of which may be false or only partly true. As such, precautions must be taken to ensure that all content on the wiki is easily verifiable and legitimate.


  • Content not officially confirmed by Nintendo itself, including new Fighters, ARMS, and Stages, may be included on the wiki, but a video demonstrating their presence in the game or in-game data references to the content must be referenced directly on the page.
    • The only acceptable source for data references is a dataminer that has proven to reflect accurate information in the past.
  • If and when Nintendo confirms content previously leaked, either through a clear announcement, by including it in official media, or by adding it to ARMS, the citations may be removed in the context of the content's in-game presence, but should be kept in the context of the leak itself (i.e. stating that the content was leaked before Nintendo revealed it).


  • Specific details on content, such as a costume for a given character or a description of various ARMS, not verified by Nintendo itself or existent in a currently-available version of ARMS must be cited similarly to a leak of the content itself. However, an image from a source that has shown video of the content in other contexts will suffice as citation.