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The goal of ARMS Institute is to create a complete encyclopedia for ARMS. However, we don't need to keep every single page created here. In order to manage the amount of pages we're working on, we've created this deletion policy.

Articles with only one revision can be deleted by any patroller without discussion, as long as they meet one of the criteria. Articles with more than one revision can be deleted by any admin following a discussion or proposal that unquestionably meets the criteria. If you would like to request a page to be deleted, place this tag on the page:

{{subst:Delete|Reason goes here}}

The article must meet any of the following criteria:

  • The article serves no purpose in the context of ARMS information, due to consisting mostly of unacceptable content such as spam and vandalism.
  • The article does not contain any verifiable information
  • The article is no longer needed or redundant
  • The article's deletion has been requested by its only contributor (does not apply to mainspace articles)
  • The article is a user page and its deletion has been requested by the user whose user page it is

Articles about tournaments or players may also be deleted under our tournament notability policy.