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When uploading files, please to try follow these guidelines.


  • Because of the nature of this wiki, many images we use will be protected by copyright, but used here under fair use.
  • Do not upload a copyright-protected image if using it here is not likely to be allowed under fair use. For example, do not upload fan art without permission. (Fan art is probably off-topic anyway, but this is just an example.)
  • Choose an appropriate license when uploading new files. See ARMS_Institute:Copyrights for more information.


  • The purpose of this wiki is to provide information about ARMS (game) to players and potential players. As such, only official images from Nintendo or images captured from the game itself are likely to be useful.
  • Most fan art is probably off-topic.


  • Use the highest-quality image you can find. Google Images may help you find a larger, more detailed version of a specific image.
  • Use transparent PNGs when available.
  • Take video screenshots at the video's native resolution. This is to avoid quality loss due to resampling. ARMS runs in full HD, so try to take screenshots from 1080p videos only.


  • Before uploading a file, browse through related categories to see if a similar image already exists. Start with Special:UncategorizedCategories and work your way through the category tree.


  • Assign files to one or more categories by including category links such as [[Category:Spring Man]] in the Summary box when uploading, or by clicking the Edit tab after uploading.
  • To find a relevant category, browse through the category tree, starting with Special:UncategorizedCategories.
  • Assign categories based on the primary focus of the image. For example, when uploading a file to illustrate the behavior of an Electric ARM, use [[Category:Electric]].
  • If a file fits in more than one category (for example, Spring Man's logo would fit in both Category:Spring Man and Category:Logos), you may assign them both. However, do not assign a file to a category and its parent category (for example, don't add a file to Category:Spring Man and Category:Fighters).
  • Avoid excessive category tags. If every file is tagged with every category that might possibly apply, that could make it difficult to find good images within a specific category. "A point in every direction is the same as no point at all."
  • If an image contains more than three fighters, consider assigning it to Category:Fighters instead of the individual fighter categories.