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Uses of the Word ARMS

  • When referring to the name of the video game, ARMS should be italicized because it is the title of a large work.
  • The word "ARMS" (or "arms") can have several other meanings. See the ARMS (disambiguation) page for an explanation of the meanings as they are used throughout the wiki.

Formal Tone

  • Avoid slang and contractions.
  • Avoid the first-person and second-person points of view.


  • For consistency, use American-style English, e.g. "localization" instead of "localisation" and "color" instead of "colour". Redirects from UK spellings to US spellings are okay.
  • Use the {{#dateformat}} parser function when inputting dates. This will allow users to see the dates in the format they've chosen in their Preferences. See News for examples.
    • Exception: Because adding citations is already cumbersome enough, using {{#dateformat}} is not required inside <ref> tags. Instead, you may simply use plain YYYY-MM-DD dates.
  • When expressing lengths/heights or weights, use Template:Height and Template:Weight. These templates automatically convert metric units to imperial, displaying both. For example, {{Weight|kg=76}} displays as "168 lb (76 kg)".