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All textual content contributed to ARMS Institute (minus content copyrighted by other parties, which is used under fair use) is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License. This essentially means that anybody can modify and redistribute your writing, as long as they give credit back to ARMS Institute and release their copy under the same license if they modify it.


When uploading a file, you may choose a licensing option. If you need help choosing the right option, read on for an explanation of each.

© Nintendo, reproduced here under fair use
Images downloaded from an official Nintendo website or saved from an official Nintendo social media post fall into this category, as do screenshots taken directly from the game.
Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0
If you create an original work (such as a useful chart) and want to upload it and feature it on one or more ARMS Institute pages, this is the preferred license. See above for more information.
Permission granted to ARMS Institute by creator
This means the creator of a work has granted ARMS Institute the right to reproduce it, but has not specified a license. Use this if, for example, someone on Reddit creates a useful chart, you ask for permission to add the chart to the wiki, and you receive permission.
Public domain
This is a more permissive license than CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0. If you create a work and wish to release it to the world so that anyone can use it freely in any way (or if you find a work that has been released in this way), use this license.
If you do not know the source of the file you are uploading, or if you are not sure which of the other options fits best, choose this one.