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ARMS Institute includes previews for select articles, known as featured pages, on its homepage.

Requirements to be featured[edit]

Featured pages should meet the following requirements:

  • The article cannot be a stub. This does not mean featured articles cannot be short, but that they should be comprehensive and well-written.
  • The article should cite any claims not confirmed in-game or by Nintendo.
  • Multiple editors should generally have contributed to the article.
  • The article should have correct grammar and spelling.

Procedure for featuring articles[edit]

In order to feature an article, it should first be listed as a header in the below Nominations section, and {{FeaturedProposal}} should be added to the top of the article. Users should discuss the merits of the article and vote in support or opposition of featuring it. If the vote has reached 75% or higher support two or more weeks after nomination, the article is featured.

Currently featured[edit]


Spring Man[edit]

This is probably the most complete fighter page as far as different types of information goes. This is likely due to the fact that Spring Man has the most appearances, information, and character art. I always use this page as a standard when editing other fighter pages. I think we should strive to make all other fighter articles include the features of this page. --PleasePleasePepper (talk) 03:58, 22 February 2018 (UTC)