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Home stage of Mechanica
"Built to her specifications from scrap metal using heavy machinery, this is Mechanica's special fightin' spot. Key features include raised areas on the outskirts and two pipes in the middle. A highly technical stage, this stadium is a dangerous place to play."
Official Description

Scrapyard is a stage in ARMS and is the home stage of Mechanica. It was first shown during a promotional ARMS tournament in late April 2017, later being fully revealed by the official ARMS Twitter account on May 11th, 2017.


Built entirely from old junk and scrap materials that were lying around, the stage is primarily made out of raw metal and wood. Heavy machinery, that were also found lying around, were used in the construction of the stadium. Along the sides of the stage, those heavy machinery can be seen grasping onto rusted steel beams—which fans stand on. Fans are also seen in various bleacher-like sections. A gate, adorned with Mechanica's logo at the top, can be seen on one side of the stage. A small green chalkboard, which has a drawing of Ribbon Girl, can be found to the right of the gate. The side opposing the gate is raised up—with Mechanica's workshop under the raised section. Parts of the floor are temporary and were constructed out of uneven wooden planks. The ramp leading up to the raised side is made out of metal plates and junk cars. Ribbon Girl stickers are attached onto multiple sign boards surrounding the fighting ring. In the center are two steel pipes that appears to be slapped together. As a result, steam often bursts out of the openings of the pipes.


The area of the scrapyard where fights take place is square in shape. One edge of the stage is raised up and is accessible via ramps along the borders of the stage. In addition, two tall pipes are placed in an asymmetrical manner in the center of the stage. These pipes will break after taking enough damage.

Related Badges

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Description Reward Design Unlock Criteria
All of the pillars in the Scrapyard
were destroyed! At least the guys
who fix them have job security.
 30   Destroy the two pillars within the course of a match in Scrapyard.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese スクラップヤード
 Chinese (Traditional) 材料工廠
Chòihlíu Gūngchóng
Materials Factory
 Chinese (Simplified) 材料工厂
Cáiliào Gōngchǎng
Materials Factory
 Dutch Schroothoop Scrapyard
 French Fonderie Foundry
 German Schrottplaz Scrapyard
 Italian Sfasciacarrozze Car wrecker
 Russian Ломодром
 Spanish (NOA) Deshuesadero Scrapyard
 Spanish (NOE) Desguace Scrapyard
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