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Jean Marc
Country Canada
Main Kid Cobra

Jean Marc, formerly known as JMCANADA, is an ARMS player from Canada who is considered to be one of the best Kid Cobra mains in North America. He is also the creator of ARMS of the North, an ARMS crew consisting of many of the best players in Canada.

Jean Marc first discovered ARMS upon its initial reveal on January 12th, 2017 during a Nintendo Switch presentation. After less than successful attempts to become a top player in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and Splatoon, Jean Marc decided that ARMS would be the game that he would be a top player in no matter what. After Kid Cobra's reveal in an ARMS focused Nintendo Direct on May 17th, 2017, he instantly knew that he was going to main him. Jean Marc later joined Team Chroma for ARMS, around a month after the game finally released.

In early Fall of 2017, Jean Marc formed the crew "ARMS of the North" (abbreviated as AotN) which featured many notable Canadian ARMS players including Jimbo (now known as Plaer), Mileve, Serp, Gryffical, Nobi, 5IVE (now known as KensaKing), and AkAlouxo. The team's victories in crew battles were prolific, going 5-0 in crew battles, which is regarded as the best record any ARMS team or crew has had within crew battles. The team's players, including Jean Marc, often placed highly in the many online events occurring at the time, with the most notable series being Mega League Monday. In February of 2018, Jean Marc joined the Shrimp Squad (abbreviated as S.S.), a team under the command of Schkrimps, and has been a member of this team ever since then. He also left Team Chroma around this time regardless of any controversies the team was handling at the time. Other than a crew battle in early 2020, S.S. has been dormant recently due to teams not being as important in the current climate of the ARMS community.

On January 13th, 2018, Jean Marc managed to place 2nd at G7 ARMS Online, one of the largest online ARMS events ever at that time with entrant numbers going over 100. Later in the year, in March of 2018, Jean Marc qualified as an alternate for the ARMS US & Canada Online Open, being available to participate in the bracket if one of the Top 8 competitors were unable to. Unfortunately for him, all players were able to play and he remained placed at 12th. Later that Spring, in May, Jean Marc teamed up with Para and Nobi to form a team for 3VT, a three person team-based tournament ran by Schkrimps, to which they placed 1st. On July 5th, 2018, he was able to hold his first stream on Twitch. Jean Marc primarily streamed ARMS, but on occasion would stream other games such as Splatoon 2, DOOM 2016, and Celeste. Since then, he hasn't been particularly active in terms of streaming, but in mid-2020 he began streaming more often once again.

Despite not being able to attend any offline majors, Jean Marc has been able to showcase his ARMS excellence by placing high in numerous online tournaments. He placed 2nd at Ramen Bowl 4, an invitational featuring some of the best players at the time, as well as Fight Club: The Finale, the final Fight Club event and another invitational. In 2020, Jean Marc has also placed very well in numerous online majors including the ARMS North American Online Open, Quarantined Rapport, and Polaris Punchout. These wins combined with his highly decorated history in past years prove that Jean Marc's goal of becoming a top ARMS player has been fulfilled.


Near ARMS' release, Jean Marc utilized an ARMS loadout consisting of a Sparky and Thunderbird with the Sparky being switched out for a Roaster near Max Brass' release in July 2017. He began playing with Kid Cobra's Default ARMS during this time as well in an attempt to master his fundamentals which led to him making more use of the Slamamander. In early November 2017, Jean Marc began using a set he calls "Roast-a-Mander"; using a Roaster on his left and a Slamamander on his right. He first caught glimpse of this set from a Japanese Ribbon Girl performing well against Pega during a Japan Grand Prix event. Jean Marc's usage of a glove ARM and -mander ARM may have popularized the set in North America as it hadn't been highly utilized until his high placings using it was demonstrated. In December of 2017 he switched his Slamamander to a Slapamander due to balance changes as well as Nobi showing him how it was overall better at that time. This change lasted a little over a year as in early 2019, he swapped back to the Slamamander with it still remaining in his main loadout today.

Jean Marc's third ARM within his loadout has varied across his ARMS career. He has used the Hydra, Coolerang, Megawatt, Megaton, Brrchuk, Bubb, Popper, and currently utilizes the Chakram. His usage of the Brrchuk was mainly against strong Helix opponents such as GoreMagala, who was among the best players in North America at the time. In March of 2018, Jean Marc even posted a perfect round against him which showcased how effective the loadout could be in the Helix match up.[1]


Tournament Date Location Placement Tournament Type
R/ARMS Biweekly Tournament 1 July 29, 2017 Online 3rd Online
Mega League 9 November 6, 2017 Online 1st Online
Mega League 11 November 20, 2017 Online 1st Online
Mega League 12 November 27, 2017 Online 1st Online
Mega League Monday 15 December 18, 2017 Online 1st Online
Mega League Monday 16 January 1, 2018 Online 1st Online
G7 ARMS Online January 13, 2018 Online 2nd Online
Mega League Monday 21 February 5, 2018 Online 1st Online
Mega League Monday 22 February 12, 2018 Online 1st Online
Mega League Monday 24 February 26, 2018 Online 1st Online
Mega League Monday 27 March 19, 2018 Online 1st Online
Ramen Bowl 4 March 24, 2018 Online 2nd Online
ARMS US & Canada Online Open March 31, 2018 Online 12th* Online
Mega League Monday 29 April 2, 2018 Online 3rd Online
Mega League Monday 30 April 9, 2018 Online 1st Online
Mega League Monday 39 June 25, 2018 Online 1st Online
Champions of the Era 15 October 7, 2018 Online 1st Online
Fight Club: The Finale February 7, 2019 Online 2nd Online
FellowsTV Open Circuit 3 March 17, 2019 Online 3rd Online
ARMvengers: Endgame May 24, 2019 Online 1st Online
Quarantined Rapport March 28, 2020 Online 5th Online
ARMS North American Online Open (April 2020) April 4, 2020 Online 3rd Online
Polaris Punchout April 18, 2020 Online 3rd Online
ARMS North American Open (August 2020) August 8, 2020 Online 9th Online
ARMS North American Open (October 2020) October 3-4, 2020 Online 3rd Online
ARMS VTuber Open October 18, 2020 Online 3rd Online


  • On a poll for SwitchFest 2019's compendium, Jean Marc, then JMCANADA, was infamously misnamed as "Jean Marc". It is unknown where exactly the name came from as it is not his real name nor is it what JM stands for. This name has since become a community meme/inside joke, with JMCANADA fully embracing it and even changing his tag to the name.
  • With 11 wins, Jean Marc has the most Mega League Monday wins out of all Mega League Monday victors.
  • ARMS of the North mistranslated to North Korean Army in Japanese which became a long running meme for the team.
  • Jean Marc created most of the graphics for early Champions of the Era streams done by Cedge including their stream layouts and VOD thumbnails.
  • Jean Marc has yet to attend an offline ARMS tournament despite having initial talks of going to events such as Winter Brawl 12 and Smash'N'Splash 4. He was gifted funds to attend Smash'N'Splash 4 to which he requested the funds be given to Para instead. Para was able to attend the event due to this and placed 4th in the Defaults bracket.

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