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Ice is one of the eight ARM Attributes. When charged, ARMS with the Ice attribute will freeze fighters, causing them to slow down and become unable to jump or dash temporarily. Additionally, fighters' punches will travel at a noticeably slower speed while frozen, and their ARMS will be unable to build or hold a charge as long as the effect persists. Frozen fighters will glow whitish-blue.[1] In most cases, ARMS with the Ice attribute deal 10 additional damage when charged.

List of Ice ARMS

There are four ARMS with the Ice attribute, with three available at launch, and the Brrchuk being added in version 5.0.0

Brrchuk Chilla Coolerang Ice Dragon


Ice ARMS can be very useful for putting pressure on opponents. A fighter's options are severely limited under the effects of Ice, so it can be used to force an opponent into a significantly more predictable--and punishable--pattern of actions. Ice can also be used to cancel some fighters' abilities, such as Min Min's dragon arm or Max Brass' "buffed up" state. Even "perma-charge" abilities will be temporarily disabled for the duration of the freeze.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
 Japanese 氷 (アイス)
Koori (Aisu)
 Dutch IJs Ice
 French Glace Ice
 German Eis Ice
 Italian Ghiaccio Ice
 Russian Лед
 Spanish Hielo Ice
 Portuguese Gelo Ice


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